Kat MP3 Recorder

Kat MP3 Recorder Version 5.9.0 Free

Convert your computer into a real-time recording platform with this versatile application

Using the Kat MP3 Recorder, you can literally transform your computer into a real-time recording device. With support for the most widely-used formats, you can record music or any other media type. For example, you can record radio or television programmes and conversations or you can dictate. And you can do all this for free!
The Kat MP3 Recorder is easy to configure and you can set it to automatically start every time your computer restarts by activating the option to Run at Startup feature. You can also schedule recordings, which is most convenient. Configuration settings can be saved and there are no restrictions to recording time with this application. Files can be named, saved, archived, retrieved, played or removed.
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